All the Time in the World

Greenville’s guide for just the two of you, or a solo trip to get to know us.

With endless options for activity, some may find Greenville too good to be true, maybe even a bit challenging, for their hectic schedules. But this isn’t the case for those planning a weekend getaway, Friday date night without kids; or for the retirees and half-backs that found Florida a little too ridiculous.

For people with “all the time in the world” options are endless and you can go wherever, whenever, without getting sick of the same old places. Better yet, with inexpensive options and plenty of free things to do, you really can do it all - even on a weekend.

Greenville prides itself on being the best of both worlds. As we’ve grown over the years, we keep our strong, local community values while giving “big cities” a run for their money in experience.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, retiree, or married without kids, you’ll find Greenville full of opportunities to live your best life (and make the outsiders jealous.)

For Foods and Brews

If you like to be out on the town on a Friday night, this route is for you

Can’t Spell Community Without U

If you’re a joiner this route is for you

Only in Greenville

Looking for more action than your typical evening out?


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All the Time in the World

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