We’re the insiders.

This page was lovingly created by real humans who live and work in Greenville, SC. None of us own any of the businesses or locations mentioned in these stories or have any financial interest in their successes or failures. Our agenda is simply to advocate for the experiences, places, and people that we believe make Greenville a special place.

We are a group of entrepreneurs, writers, designers, techies, artists, and friends who all chose to work and build a community inside the rented walls of Atlas Local. It’s a co-working space in the Village of West Greenville that boasts free coffee and beer, atheistic satisfaction, über fast wi-fi, and encouraged collaboration within a collection of impressive professionals. This site is our love story to Greenville.

Roll the Credits

We didn’t do it for the credit, but we’re ready to receive a little. The humans below contributed to this page purely on a volunteer basis. If you’re interested in learning more about us, we exist on the internet via the links below.

It was a special gift to take time to appreciate our city, collaborate with other talented individuals, and get to know the people with whom we share space a little better. We want to thank everyone who gave a minute, an hour, a day or a week. This couldn’t have happened without each and every one of you.

  • Aeryk Payne: Lead Designer and not actually in Greenville. twitter
  • Chandler Van De Water: Designer and developer. Jesus, my family, and craft beer. instagram
  • Richard Van De Water: Photographer. 📷 Editorial, Lifestyle, Luxury, Landscape 📸 instagram
  • Matt Cook: Independent Producer and Director. Husband. Dad. Partner @atlaslocal. Partner @reallygoodemail. Always hunting a scary project. twitter
  • Joshua Jantz: Independent Project Manager / Controller. Inside reading / Outside running linkedin
  • Deb Bucci: Pasionate about wellness and working well. Nurse / mom / budding pilot. instagram
  • Chris Merritt: I’d rather be outside twitter
  • West Jones: Guitar Player | Dad | Meat Smoker. instagram
  • Emily Blitstein: Technical writer, pen theif and other things. instagram
  • Sheryl Guarniero: Earth activist and outdoor lover. Purple haired dog mom. instagram
  • Matty Fisher: Start up business owner and film maker. instagram
  • Lynne Waheeba: Independent journalist | ex-philosopher | negroni enthusiast.instagram
  • Kameron Masters: Realtor and vegan smoothie connoisseur. instagram
  • Juliet Peay: Copywriter, greenville native, and pop culture lover. Small business advocate. instagram
  • Hannah Robinson: Social thinker creative tinker. instagram
  • Arden Foster: Artist and social media manager. instagram
  • Kyndall Cooper: Graphic Designer / Illustrator. instagram
  • Moses Nickerson: Startup entrepenuer and snark monster. instagram
  • Chase Finch: CTO @ BringFido. Hubs, dad, dog dad. twitter


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