Whoops, I Moved to Greenville

Sometimes, life is what happens to you. Whether you find yourself here by scholarship or by spouse, Greenville has a unique way of winning over its reluctant residents.

You may not have chosen to be here but whether you moved to Greenville for education, or if you were brought here by your partner’s career - we’re ready to welcome you with Southern Hospitality - Greenville style.

So what brought you here?

The Knowledge Seekers

For students who find themselves in Greenville, away from home for the first time


For tag-a-longs, those who moved to Greenville for someone else

Minor Leaguers

If you’ve been signed to a team and assigned to Greenville, this route is for you


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Whoops, I Moved to Greenville

All the Time in the World

Can I Bring the Kids?

I Live Here Now

Not Another Networking Event